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Winners of the 2013 Veggie Love Book Raffle!

Before I open the envelope, er… that is, before I read the randomly generated winner from Rafflecopter, I want to thank the Academy…

Amazing Mushrooms

When I became a vegetarian 43 years ago there was very little support for the neophyte… I missed the chewiness of meat…enter, MUSHROOMS!

Turnip, True Love

Except for the tray of broccoli plants that he presented on the occasion of our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, my husband’s food oriented gifts have always been welcome. That time, I burst into tears, swayed by the Hallmark-induced anticipation of diamonds, roses, chocolates…

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Customer Testimonials

Very Veggie Nachos

Very Veggie Nachos

In this podcast my Sister and I take a few liberties with Very Veggie Nachos. That’s what this recipe is mostly about – assembly. She likes to serve the chips on the top and use it like a dip. I put the chips on the bottom for the traditional scooping method. Both are tasty and good for you!

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